Trip to the Philippines

Although I unfortunately didn’t find time to write extensively about it, I traveled to the Philippines in September 2013 to conduct a training for one of our project teams. Although our training was in Manila, I was also lucky to be able to spend some extra time in country, so I traveled down to Bohol and got to see that part of the country as well. What follows is a little bit of information about the trip and a link to photos. Enjoy!

Where I Went and Why

I’ve been providing support to a project focused on technology and democracy. This project focuses on helping democracy activists and journalists improve their tech skills and their online safety. This project hasn’t previously addressed gender concerns or understood gender issues within its objectives or outreach, but it is something we are working to integrate.

The project is headquartered in Washington, DC, but because it operates globally, we have field staff located all over the world. We are gathering for a meeting to do some training and planning for the upcoming year. The Philippines was chosen as our meeting location for various fiscal and administrative reasons. At the meeting, I’ll be conducting a workshop to provide our staff with an understanding of the specific online security risks that women face so that the staff can improve outreach, engage more women, and provide more effective support to female activists, bloggers, and journalists.

PhilippinesMapA Little About the Philippines

  • Official name: Republic of the Philippines
  • Capital: Manila
  • Geography: the 73rd largest independent nation, covering almost 115,831 square miles and an archipelago comprising 7,107 islands
  • Population: more than 98 million people; the 7th most populated Asian country and the 12th most populated country in the world
  • Official languages: Filipino (standardized version of Tagalog) and English
  • Time: 12 hours ahead of East Coast


You can view photos from the trip here.

Note: For security and privacy reasons, some of the photos can only be viewed if you’ve connected with me through Flickr as one of my “Friends or Family” contacts.