Trip Photos Are Now Up

Hi everyone! I am writing to let you know that I have now added photos (and a few videos) to the previous Papua New Guinea blog posts to help illustrate some of the things I was writing about and give an introduction to Bougainville and my time there. I hope you enjoy looking back at them with the new images. And be sure to check out the videos!

If you’re interested in MORE photos, though, please enjoy the two photo albums that are now available on Flickr. I have posted photo highlights from Papua New Guinea and Australia in two separate albums for you to enjoy. Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

Please note: you must be connected to me through Flickr as a “Family” or “Friend” contact in order to view photos that contain personal images. If you need help connecting with me, please send an email to my Gmail account, and I’ll be happy to help you connect.

Papua New Guinea Flickr Photo Album
Link to Papua New Guinea Flickr Photo Album


Australia Photo Album
Link to Australia Flickr Photo Album

One thought on “Trip Photos Are Now Up

  1. Jenn, thanks for the wonderful photos and the even better comments on your life and travels in PNG. You may have a career before you someday as a travel writer. You seem to have an eye for fascinating and colorful cultural differences without resorting to exoticism. Not an easy balance. Happy travels during your Aussie R&R.

    Bill Andrews


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