La mère Noël

When traveling overseas, I usually try to bring small treats and candies with me as a gift. Many people have a sweet tooth, whether for candy, fruits, cakes, or cookies, so offering a bit of American candy is usually a fun way to offer thanks for a team’s hospitality or to serve as a motivator during workshops and trainings. There’s nothing … More La mère Noël

A Gathering in Gitega

Hello! I am back from Burundi, and it was a wonderful trip. The two-week visit passed incredibly quickly, with a busy first week focused on a workshop and a second week focused on working closely with our program staff. And a little fun mixed in! When I arrived in Burundi, I landed in the capital of … More A Gathering in Gitega

Traveling to Burundi

Hello everyone! I’m off on another trip to a new place — this time to Burundi. This will be a relatively short trip, and I won’t have Internet access for the majority of the time I am there. So I’ll tell you a little about the trip now and then post more information when I get … More Traveling to Burundi