Focus Groups in Pejewest

After completing the training with the Kailahun SNAP+ team, our next day’s activity was to conduct focus group discussions with a small sample of people who had been selected and registered to receive the upcoming cash benefits. Our objective for conducting these focus group discussions was twofold: 1) Lydia and I had trained staff in facilitation skills … More Focus Groups in Pejewest

Training in Kailahun

Our second week in Sierra Leone was taken up by a trip out to one of the three districts where the SNAP+ program is operating. The SNAP program and its emergency cash distribution add-on SNAP+ are being implemented in three areas: Kailahun, Tonkolili, and Bombali. Because of the geographic spread and the size of the … More Training in Kailahun

Gender and Protection Trainings in Sierra Leone

It has been a busy, intense, and energizing week in Sierra Leone with the Sustainable Nutrition and Agriculture Promotion Plus (SNAP+) program. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was invited to conduct gender equality and protection trainings with SNAP+ staff and partners in order to help them identify and address possible negative or unintended impacts of … More Gender and Protection Trainings in Sierra Leone