Return from Mauritania

Hi everyone! I’m back from Mauritania, which was quite a busy and fantastic experience. It was a whirlwind trip because while I spent nine days in country, they were very intense, long workdays. But it was all worth it! As I explained in my initial post, I had a couple main objectives for this trip. The first … More Return from Mauritania

Hello from Nouakchott

Hi everyone! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Mauritania for six days — because we’ve been so busy, the time is passing very quickly. Next thing I know, I’ll be on a plane heading back to the US and this will all seem like a dream. This particular trip has been very “office focused.” … More Hello from Nouakchott

Traveling to Mauritania

Well! This might be the fastest turnaround time between trips I’ve ever had. Less than two weeks after my return to the US, I’m heading back out again, this time to an entirely different sector of the globe. Mauritania is located on the northwest coast of Africa. The southern portion of the country is part of … More Traveling to Mauritania